Some upcoming and recent presentations

  • The functional nature of multiple wh-free relative clauses in Romanian. Semantic and Linguistic Theory (SALT) 28. May 18-20, M.I.T, Cambridge [poster, with Ivano Caponigro]
  • Variation among Free Choice Constructions : Insights from Italian and Romanian. Workshop on Microvariation in semantics. ZAS. Berlin, September 2017 [with Ivano Caponigro]
  • Domain alternatives under focus. Implicatures or domain restriction/domain widening? Theoretical and experimental approaches. Research Institute for Linguistics of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences. Budapest, June 2017
  • Strict negative concord : a view from fragment answers and double negation readings. Landscape of neg-words workshop. University of Göttingen, March 2017 [with Andreea Nicolae]
  • Negative concord and double negation in fragment answers. Structures formelles du langage (UMR 7023) seminar. Paris, February 2017 [with Andreea Nicolae]
  • Fragment answers in strict negative concord languages. SemLin. University of the Basque Country University (UPV/EHU), Vitoria-Gasteiz, January 2017 [with Andreea Nicolae]
  • Fragment answers and double negation in strict negative concord languages. Semantic and Linguistic Theory 26. University of Texas at Austin, May 2016 [with Andreea Nicolae]
  • N-words in fragment answers. Workshop on Questions, Answers & Negation. Humboldt-Universität, January 2016 [with Andreea Nicolae]
  • On ways of expressing uncertainty. Epistemic modality and reference. Université de Toulouse Jean Jaurès, Toulouse, December 2015
  • Free-Choice Free Relative Clauses in Italian and Romanian. Linguistics Department Colloquium Series, University of California, Santa Cruz, October 2015 & Rutgers University, March 2016 [with Ivano Caponigro]
  • An exhaustification account of strict negative concord. Workshop on negation. Göttingen University, September 2015 [with Andreea Nicolae]
  • Positive polarity indefinites ? How (not) to identify them. DGfS meeting. Leipzig University, March 2015
  • Expressing uncertainty: epistemic future in Romance. University of Nantes and University of the Basque Country, November 2014
  • Epistemic indefinites: ignorance explained by logic. Logic, Grammar and Meaning. University of East Anglia, Norwich, June 2014
  • On variation among dependent indefinites and how to uniformly derive it: focus and presuppositions. San Sebastian-Donostia, June 2014
  • Epistemic indefinites and free choice inferences. SemBabble. University of California San Diego, June 2013
  • Focus on epistemic indefinites. Going Romance 26. Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, December 2012
  • Alternatives under modals: epistemic indefinites in non-epistemic contexts. Linguistics Circles Colloquium Series. Harvard University, October 2012
  • On the (non-)association with focus of epistemic indefinites. ZAS. Berlin, October 2011
  • Modal indefinites and free choice inference in imperatives. CSSP 9. University of Paris 8, September 2011
  • On alternatives in imperatives. Sinn und Bedeutung 16. Utrecht Institute of Linguistics, September 2011
  • Obligatory (but restricted) freedom of choice. LSRL 41. University of Ottawa, May 2011
  • (Partially) free to vary. GLOW 34. University of Vienna, April 2011
  • Modal distinctions and modal indefinites, Institut Jean Nicod, Paris and ILLC, Amsterdam, April 2011

A full list of talks can be found in my CV.